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  • DEF CON Red Team Village Virtual Conference

    DEF CON's Red Team Village will be streaming a virtual conference beginning at 0900 EDT on Saturday, 16 May. As far as I can tell, no registration is required!
    05-16-2020 09:00 AM
    05-16-2020 07:00 PM

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    The man in the middle talk looks really sweet:

    Abstract: You might have used tools such as Burp Suite in the past to proxy and intercept communication between your browser and and a web application. But more and more red team targets require intercepting and tampering with machine-to-machine communication. This talk will will show some of the lesser known tools and techniques provided by the Linux kernel networking stack to build your own tools to perform man-in-the-middle against targets in a network. I will provide an introduction to Man-in-the-Middle using Linux as a router or a bridge. It covers topics such as isolating the MiTM/Attacker machine, using Linux as a “one-armed” router, and using Linux as a passthrough router with demos:

    - Intercepting DNS

    - Intercepting HTTPS

    - Intercepting SSH

    Finally, in those cases where you can't mess with routing, we will be using Linux as a MiTM bridge that works at layer 2, but yet intercepts and forwards traffic to other machines for processing.
    Brian Johnson
    7 Minute Security
    Podcaster | Security Consultant