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Teacher's network drive syncing....naughty stuff

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  • Teacher's network drive syncing....naughty stuff

    I think I talked about this in the podcast before, but many years ago I was a sysadmin for an educational institution, and we'd recently rolled out a home folder sync option for teachers so they could automatically backup their important stuff in their "T" drive (T for teacher - makes sense, right?!). One day me and the other sysadmin were getting reports that our huge datastore for these backups was full, and that the storage device itself was pegged 100% for processor utilization.

    We didn't have good GUI utilities to do this, so we had to SSH into the storage device and see what was happening in the logs. We finally found the right log to watch, and once we did a live "tail" of it, what went flying past was lines and lines of file names that uh....CLEARLY weren't educational documents. I know my face turned red just reading some of the movie file names. So yeah, basically the storage device was pegged syncing gigs and gigs of naughty movies to our institutions primary storage for all educators.

    Fortunately the senior sysadmin handled the difficult HR conversations around this incident, and little did I know that would be only the first of many uncomfortable moments in my IT career to come :-)
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