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External Pen Test Playbook - The Cyber Mentor Class

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  • External Pen Test Playbook - The Cyber Mentor Class

    We do quite a few external pen tests. I have been wondering if there was a "playbook" like the Peter Kim Red Team Playbook. It was a great book and 7MinSec and I loved the class we took from him in LA. That being said.. if you like The Cyber Mentor he has a new class out. Its called External Pen Test Playbook. There was a coupon code for $9.99. So guess what I did. I signed up for it. I have such a back log of classes to take. But for some reason I really like his teaching style. So I started the class yesterday and so far it does not disappoint. His stuff is never super deep content. But I just find that I really like it. I will try to keep you posted as I finish it up.

    Here is a link if you want to check it out.
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    Hey Gh0stHax thanks for the tip. I grabbed this as well. I have other TCM content that looks great but I haven't watched . Like you, I have probably near a hundred resources I've bought but haven't consumed. Boo to that. BUT, it was cool to see TCM use Teachable (at least as the platform for this ext pen course), as that's the platform we may or may not be planning some things on as well
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